Unveiling Exclusivity

2 floor Suite 110sqm Sea View

Double Floor Suites

1st floor: 55 sq.m. Shower WC. Living room sofas, kitchen 25 sq.m. veranda.

2nd floor: 1 king-size 2,00x2,00m and a sofa bed 1,60x2,00m for 2 people. 2x Shower WC

Experience utmost comfort in our first-floor 55sqm apartment, complete with a WC & shower, a cozy living room featuring a sofa bed for two adults, and a fully-equipped kitchen. Step onto the spacious 25sqm balcony to reveal in breathtaking views. On the second floor, indulge in relaxation in our expansive bedroom with a king-size bed (2,00x200m) and a sofa bed (1,60m x 2,00m) for two. Enjoy the convenience of two separate WC & showers, ensuring a delightful stay. Book now for an extraordinary getaway at Helios Blue Villas in Chalkidiki.


  • Check-in from 2:00 PM - anytime
  • Early check-in subject to availability


  • Check-out 11 AM
  • Express check-out

Prioritizing Your Comfort

To ensure a seamless arrival, guests will receive an email containing check-in instructions five days before their arrival. Our dedicated front desk staff will warmly greet you upon arrival, providing any assistance needed. We value your satisfaction, and our team is committed to supporting you throughout your journey. Rest assured, we will stay in constant communication with you before, during, and even after your stay to address any queries or requirements. For further information, kindly reach out to us using the contact details provided in your booking confirmation. Your satisfaction is our top priority at Helios Blue Villas.


Pets allowed small and mini size

Children and extra beds

Children over 11 years are welcome!
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2 floor Suite 110sqm Sea View Amenities

Outdoor terrace 78 sqm
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Smart TV 55'
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3 shower wc
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Sea view balcony 25sqm
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Kingsize bed
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Refreshment centre
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Internet access-wifi
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Nespresso center
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Safe lock
2024-01-23T16:09:48+02:00 xmp.iid:078e61e2-c635-724c-8402-3d4d3da12bb4 xmp.did:5708a6b9-6fbd-5549-9be9-b24d9f9d9cd8 xmp.did:5708a6b9-6fbd-5549-9be9-b24d9f9d9cd8 saved xmp.iid:5708a6b9-6fbd-5549-9be9-b24d9f9d9cd8 2024-01-23T15:41:30+02:00 Adobe Bridge CC 2019 (Windows) /metadata saved xmp.iid:078e61e2-c635-724c-8402-3d4d3da12bb4 2024-01-23T16:09:48+02:00 Adobe Bridge CC 2019 (Windows) /metadata
Luxury furniture
  • 2 Floors

  • 6 persons

  • king size bed 2x2m

  • Living Room

  • Fire place

  • Air conditioning

  • Carpets

  • Sofa Bed 1,60x2,00m

  • Private kitchen

  • Private bathroom

  • Large balconies >20sqm

  • Sea view

  • Pool view

  • Mountain view

  • Courtyard view

  • Air conditioning

  • 3 Smart TVs/ 1x55" & 2x43"

  • Soundproofing

  • Terrace

  • Coffee machine

  • Mini bar

  • Free Fast Wi-Fi

  • Complimentary toiletries

  • Bathrobe

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Kitchen

  • Parking

  • Safety deposit box

  • Toilet

  • Sofa

  • Shower

  • Towels

  • Linens

  • Bedside power outlet

  • Cleaning products

  • Hypoallergenic tile/marble floor

  • Work desk

  • Highchair for children

  • Living room

  • 2 Private entrance

  • Television

  • Slippers

  • Refrigerator

  • Satellite channels

  • Coffee/tea maker

  • Iron

  • Radio

  • Heating

  • Hairdryer

  • Kitchenware

  • Laundry machine

  • Fan

  • Large beds (>2 meters)

  • Wake-up service

  • Electric kettle

  • Outdoor furniture

  • Outdoor dining area

  • Laptop-sized safety deposit box

  • Wardrobe

  • Toaster

  • Dining area

  • Dining table

  • Upper floor accessible only by stairs

  • Self-contained

  • Clothes rack

  • Toilet paper

Unveiling Exclusivity

Per Request Extra Services

Unleash Extraordinary Experiences: Elevate your stay at Helios Blue Villas with these exclusive services:
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[email protected]
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Personalized Concierge

Personalized Concierge

Our dedicated concierge is at your disposal, curating tailor-made itineraries and fulfilling your every travel desire
Spa Treatment

In-Villa Spa Treatments

Indulge in ultimate relaxation with rejuvenating spa treatments and massages in the privacy of your villa
Private Transfers

Private Transfers

Enjoy seamless journeys with our luxury transportation service, ensuring you arrive in style and comfort.
Special Celebrations

Special Celebrations

Create unforgettable moments with our event planning services, assisting you in organizing remarkable celebrations and gatherings
Helios Blue

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